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History of Criteria Architects, Inc.

Roughly every ten years we add a new focus to build upon what we have learned from previous concentrations.

Interdisciplinary Years

Founded as an interdisciplinary design studio Criteria grew to forty people, including architects, landscape architects, a biochemist, animal behaviorist, artists, sculptors, carpenters, photographers, environmental psychologists and graphic designers. Together we were hired to design schools and the curriculum for them. We designed and built a Sensory Learning Environment for blind and multiply handicapped children and developed an inflatable Earth Awareness Classroom and hosted Creative and Critical Thinking workshops and training. We created the "Innovation Tracking Tool," a business tool to develop, enhance, and implement innovation.

Energy, Architecture and Ecology Years

Our focus moved to the built environment and Energy efficiency. Based on Malcolm Wells' concept "The 14 Natural Wilderness Principles," our design attempted to return as much to the environment as we took from it in the process of building upon it. Our projects included master planning Energy Park, schools, and we worked with an innovative program translating waste treatment plants' heat and fertility to green plants and reforestation.

The Human Condition

During this period a major part of our efforts were directed to urban environments; what makes a community or neighborhood safe and desirable places for children and families? We designed numerous low and moderate income homes and neighborhoods for new construction, remodeling and community development projects. These projects included: Phillips Neighborhood, Artist Housing, Hope Community, Case Street Housing, Justin Properties Development, Sculpture Park, and community playgrounds.


As well as continuing to work with wonderful architectural clients, we are currently involved in communicating through lectures, training and workshops, many of the things we have learned about subjects such as:

  • Creativity, and Creatively Working With Others
  • Leadership The Aesthetics of Sustainability curriculum
  • Child and adult book series bringing science and creativity together.

Special presentations:

  • "The 5 Great Ideas and 5 Great Challenges The World Needs To Address"
  • Minneapolis College of Art and Design
  • The University of Minnesota
  • World Future Society Conference 2008, Washington DC
  • India Today Conclave 2009, New Delhi




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